An Introduction to Indian Classical Music Mixtape (Carnatic)

Here’s the second mixtape intended to accompany my introductions to Indian Classical music. This one is dedicated to the Carnatic tradition from southern India. Like the first mix, it’s drawn from records I’ve bought over the last couple of months, and thus is limited. I’ve done my best to include the artists I discuss in the corresponding piece of writing, and failing that- to represent diversity within Carnatic music. I hope you enjoy it, and it helps build context from what you have read.


1. Lalgudi G. Jayaraman & Co.-Raga Mohanam (Violin, Flute, Veena)
2. E.S. Sastry- Raga Sri – (Veena)
3. Master U. Srinivas – Raga Jayanthasshree (Mandolin
4. N. C. Vasanthakokilam ‎– Ananda Natanam (Vocal)
5. Chitti Babu – Marivera (Veena)


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