Songs of Summer

As I mentioned in my previous post, Jenny and I have uprooted ourselves from Brooklyn, and drifted across the sea. I met Jenny three years ago. It was love at first sight. I was living in London. She was living in NY. We spent the first year of our relationship, divided between the two cities, and traveling around Europe and North Africa, after which we knew we needed to be in the same place. I packed up the 8 years of my life in London, most of which, as you might imagine is records, crammed it into cold storage, and boarded a plane. I wasn’t sure when I’d return. At no point during the last two years was I happy to be back in the New York. When I initially left it for London, the city was not the place I once loved. It was rapidly becoming anxious to expel those like myself, who had kept it alive during its darkest years. A lot has changed since then, not much of it good. Love conquers all. There’s no question, Jenny was worth every minute. I made the most of it. Happily spent time with old friends, made a few new ones, got a job and went to work filling the gaps in my record collection. I’ve never been good with estimating how many records I have, but during the two years in NY I picked up something just shy of 2000 LPs and around 600 45s. I guess I made the most of it.

Anyone who’s ever packed up their record collection knows, it’s hard going. It’s not the quantity or weight, it’s uncovering inevitable albums you’ve neglected, and hundreds you can’t bear to watch disappear into boxes, before one last listen. As I got down to the task during our final weeks, I watched a stack of resistant albums grow at my side. The late summer sun was shining through our windows. I noticed it sculpting a theme. These records locked themselves together as a soundtrack for our last days.

I love making mix tapes. This site is a testament to my desire to share the music I care about. To not keep it cooped up. That process began in my early teens, exchanging mixes with friends. I hadn’t made any since the cassettes I’d given Jenny during our first year together. I couldn’t think of a better moment to begin again. I got down to a little procrastinating, and was long winded as usual. Unable to contain myself within a standard length, I allowed them to sprawl over three hour long installments. I shared them with friends as I made them and got many kind responses. I share them with you now, and, despite summer having just left us, I hope you enjoy.



Summer Mix Number One:

1.Rock Salt and Nails – Steve Young
2.Polly – Dillard & Clark
3.Textures in 3/4 – Clark- Hutchinson
4.Morning Way – Trader Horn
5.Long Road Ahead – Jim Ford
6.Man of Mind, Man of Soul – Guitar Ensemble
7.Go on and Get it – John & Beverly Martyn
8.Chateau Dans Les Nuages – Emmanuelle Parrenin, Phill Fromont, Claude Lefebvre
9.I Must be Born – Bobby Brown
10.Drum – John Phillips
11.Everlovin’ Ways – Judy Mayhan
12.Au Pays de Lerida – Michel Hindenoch
13.Song of Bliss – Khalsa String Band



Summer Mix Number Two:

1.Katie Cruel – Karen Dalton
2.Sandy Grey – John Martyn
3.North American Raga – Robbie Basho
4.I Really Want You – Steve Tilson
5.The Girl That Turned the Lever – Ernie Graham
6.Crazy Mama – J J Cale
7.Le Piroguier – Henri Texier
8.Cowboy Movie – David Crosby
9.Small Town Talk – Bobby Charles
10.Upon Reflection – Heron
11.Finland Station – George Stavis
12.Early Blue – F J McMahon



Summer Mix Number Three:

1.Cavalry Cross – Richard & Linda Thompson
2.Loneliness- Peace, Bread & Land
3.The Future’s Not what it Used to Be – Mickey Newbury
4.Topinambour – George Cromarty
5.Le Dragon – Areski
6.Sangandongo (ex) – Niagra
7.Introitus – Dom
8.Plain as Eyes Can See – Jim Sullivan
9.Lady Margarete – Trees
10.Sonnarlaten – International Harvester
11.Give me a Chance – Donnie & Joe Emerson
12.Flint – Tim White & Jack Gates
13.Kiss Another Day Goodbye – David Kaufmann & Eric Caboor
14.Chant de la Montagne – Veronique Chalot
15.Energy – Battiato






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