An Introduction


My childhood was punctuated by the flip of a record.  Bar this brief moment, music was constant. So it has remained into my adult years.

Growing up, as my family gathered for Christmas and birthdays, gifts were intuitive. We gave and received books and music.  Beyond the obligatory flannel shirt, there was almost nothing else.  Piled squares and rectangles. Future fodder. Anyone who knows me, or glances at my shelves, will understand how this defined my sense of material importance.  I’ve built a world with Christmas everyday.  But the nature of this exchange was more significant. As each gift opened, the giver explained the object’s significance. Its importance to them, and why the recipient should not be without it.

Books and music are part of a continuum. The pursuit of understanding, exchange and growth. A process of projective empathy. Becoming the other. Each voice swallowed, bringing thirst for another. We are the sum of what we know. Of what others have helped us feel.

This practice, defined on the carpets of my youth, is the operation of my daily life. Hunting voices. And once discovered, sharing them.  I wait longingly for the needle to drop on a coming love affair. I glance furtively at shelves, wondering what lies within. I would do anything, to bring respect and attention to those who have brought this wealth of beauty into our world.

This is the modus for this site. To return the favor. To share what I have learned. What I have come to love. To bring it into the light. To encourage and create a platform for others to do the same.  I hope along the way, you enjoy what you read, and that you will discover at least some small sliver of the beauty others have brought into my life.

-Bradford Bailey


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